Proud Sponsor


MS2USA is proud to work with Andrew Marr and the Warrior Angels Foundation. Being a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, we understand the trials of dealing with injuries after the tours have been completed. Andrew, and Warrior Angels Foundation, are still on the front line fighting to support those who have supported, providing treatment alternatives, at no cost, for those who feel they no option for recourse. Please feel free to click their link below to watch their videos, where Andrew discusses an alternative treatment that was successful for him and where Warrior Angels Foundation was spawned…on the front lines.

  • Providing treatment options at no cost for all U.S. Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and all other Government Agency Warriors.
  • Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of our Warriors suffering from Brain Injuries
  • Leading the Crusade on the New Front Lines
  • No Lip Service. No Bureaucracy. No Red Tape
  • Bringing Truth, Freedom, Victory, by Renewing Purpose