Project/Production Manager-Engineer (Naples, Italy)


NOTE: This project is tagged to begin in January/February 2021.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Management an energy conservation measure (ECM) and solar renewable energy development project, beginning with concept development and ending with U.S. Navy acceptance of the completed project;
  • Plan and control project schedule and tasks, prepare and control the budget, act as a liaison between subcontractor and direct company manager/supervisors project teams, and other required contractors, and be responsible for the terms and results of the projects;
  • Prepare and recommend approval all project related strategic decisions with contractual impact;
  • Maintain and communicate to ALCON progress measurement, cost management, change control, and financial expenditures;
  • Work closely with subcontractor and direct company managers and supervisors to ensure that the project construction complies with the contracts, policies, regulations, standards, safety requirements, quality assurance/control, and specifications of not only Italian authorities, but also the U.S. Navy’s Public Works Department (NAVFAC EURAFSWA) headquartered at Capodicchino, in Naples, Italy;
  • Cooperate with relevant procedures for grid connection and supervise subcontracting to complete grid connection work.
  • Facilitate weekly project meetings and track and report on all action items.

Experience and Education Requirements

  • Navy Veteran
  • Bachelor’s degree: Engineering
  • Prior experience representing a self-performing prime contractor on a U.S. federal construction project
  • Experience with energy conservation measures and solar energy in development and construction phases
  • Work experience with MAXIMO and other workflow software
  • Knowledge of NAVFAC guidance related to construction projects, including cyber security (Preferred)

Compensation Package

  • Competitive Salary (open for Negotiation)
  • Housing and Transportation
  • Italian language translator assistance (as required)
  • 4 weeks PTO (2-week each August and 2 additional weeks each year)
  • An end of project bonus.


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