Munitions Systems Section Chief (Kuwait)

**Must have Active Secret Clearance (Interim not Eligible)**

Must be able to pass Pre-Medical Screening and 7 Panel Drug Test

Company Provided: Travel, Apartment (2-person, fully furnished), Vehicle

Completion Bonus Offered


Job Summary

The Munitions Systems Section Chief is responsible for the effective management of the assigned Materiel Elements (Accountability, Control and other elements as directed by the Superintendent) in accordance with established safety, technical, operational accountability standards, and PWS contractual requirements.  Operates Theater Integrated Combat Munitions System (TICMS). Ensures compliance with Performance Work Statement (PWS) and DynCorp ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS).


  • Manages and is responsible for all assigned personnel and equipment in the Systems Section, ensuring maximum utilization and conservation of resources.
  • Manages the Section IAW applicable standards of AFMAN 21-200/201, Munitions SOP, and DI Work Instructions.
  • In the event of an emergency, takes necessary control and timely response actions, enforces strict adherence of all applicable directives; i.e., technical, safety, security, quality, and implements timely corrective actions of all discrepancies identified during internal/external audits.
  • Develops and manages efforts, goals and levels according to contractual requirements.
  • Co-oversees management of munitions stockpile, facilities, tools, MMHE, support vehicles and equipment to ensure serviceability and determines causes of negative performance trends.
  • Develops department schedules and goals to meet requirements of daily timelines, special taskers, special projects, and contingency support.  Submits schedules to Superintendent for final approval.
  • Utilizes TCIMS to the maximum extent possible in all systems efforts and processes.
  • Verifies that personnel complete all accountability documentation that is an integral part of production actions, and submissions are timely to Operations Accountability Element.
  • Identifies and advises the Munitions Superintendent of limiting factors that may impact performance goals.
  • Advises Munitions Superintendent about personnel performance and all production actions, to include root causes and solutions to correct negative trends in the Section’s performance.
  • Evaluates technical skills of personnel for conformance to established standards. Monitors the skills, proficiency of assigned personnel as it impacts production efforts. Tracks training requirements and ensures personnel receive necessary training.
  • Conducts sample surveillance audits of different processes in the Elements.
  • Interfaces and coordinates with the deployed Munitions Flight management as needed.
  • Ensures that personnel accurately calculate and observe the net explosives limits of all storage and operating locations commensurate with production actions.
  • Verifies that visual inspections on lightning protection and static ground systems are performed and documented in accordance with AFMAN 91-201, AFI 32-1065 Grounding System.
  • Ensures Munitions Control is informed of fire symbol, hazard marker, Risk Category or classified munitions changes that effect munitions storage and maintenance facilities.
  • May be appointed as the Munitions Superintendent during the incumbent’s absence.


  • Knowledge of the USAF Supply, TMO, Munitions and Tech Order systems.
  • Knowledge of munitions control and scheduling processes and procedures.
  • Have a working knowledge of all munitions functional areas.
  • May be required to operate material handling equipment.
  • Computer literate to include MC2, CAS, TMRS and IMDS.
  • Must be capable of obtaining a host nation driver’s license.
  • Must have a minimum of Seven (7)  years’ experience on Military Munitions (Air Force MOS 2W0X1)
  • Must have a minimum of Five (5) years combined supervisory experience in USAF munitions activities and MMHE or US service equivalent.
  • Preferred USAF munitions storage, maintenance, control, and inspection procedures experience.
  • Preferred TICMS, CAS, MC2, TMRS and IMDS for Munitions and MMHE experience.
  • Preferred a minimum 2 years of experience as USAF Munitions Inspector and award of Special Experience Identifier (SEI) Code 836.
  • Must be capable attending the USAF Munitions Inspector Course.
  • Preferred intermediate experience in the operation of forklifts and tractor-trailers.
  • Preferred CCAF degree in Munitions Management.
  • Must not have been convicted of a Domestic Violence charge (Lautenberg Amendment compliance).
  • US Secret Security Clearance (Active)


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