Munitions Materiel Section Chief (Kuwait)

Principle Accountabilities

  • Manages and is responsible for all assigned personnel and equipment in the Materiel Section, ensuring maximum utilization and conservation of resources.
  • Manages the Section according to the applicable standards of AFI 21-20I and Munitions SOP.
  • In the event of an emergency, takes necessary control and timely response actions.
  • Enforces strict adherence of all applicable directives; e., technical, safety, security, quality.
  • Implements timely corrective actions of all discrepancies identified during internal/external audits.
  • Develops and manages production efforts, goals and levels according to contractual requirements.
  • Inspects munitions stockpile, facilities, tools, MMHE, support vehicles and equipment to ensure serviceability and determines causes of negative performance trends.
  • Evaluates technical skills of personnel for conformance to established standards.
  • Develops production schedules and goals to meet requirements of daily timeline s, special taskers, special projects, and contingency s Submits schedules to Munitions Control and Superintendent for final approval.
  • Utilize s CAS to the maximum extent possible in all production efforts and processes.
  • Verifies that personnel complete all accountability documentation that is an integral part of production actions, and submit on a timely manner to Operations Accountability Element.
  • Identifies and advises the Munitions Superintendent of limiting factors that may impact performance goals.
  • Advises Munitions Superintendent about personnel performance and all production actions, to include root cause s and solutions to correct negative trends in the Section’s performance.
  • Monitors the skills, proficiency of assigned personnel as it impacts production efforts.
  • Conduct s sample surveillance audits of different processes in the Elements.
  • Interfaces and coordinates with the deployed Munition s Flight management as needed.
  • Tracks training requirements and ensures personnel receive necessary training.
  • Ensures personnel properly utilize CTKS, special tool needs, bench stock requirements, MMHE and support equipment commensurate with production efforts.
  • Ensures that personnel accurately calculate and observe the net explosives limits of all storage and operating locations commensurate with production actions.
  • Verifies that visual inspections on lightning protection and static ground systems are performed and documented in accordance with AFMAN 91-20 I, AFI 32-1065 Grounding System.
  • Ensures Munitions Control is informed of fire symbol, hazard marker, Risk Category or classified munitions changes that effect munitions storage and maintenance facilities.
  • Works necessary hours, to include stand-by duties, to support mission requirements during peacetime and combat contingencies.
  • May be appointed as the Munitions Superintendent during the incumbent’s absence.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Munitions Superintendent.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Highly proficient using CAS and knowledgeable with accountability standards
  • Skilled with diverse software in using computers.
  • Prefer qualified person that has had Munitions Inspector’s experience.
  • Have normal color perception
  • Must be capable of obtaining a host nation driver’s license
  • Must be a U. citizen

Experience and Requirements

  • Minimum of seven years’ experience with USAF Military Munitions (AFSC 2W0XI).
  • Minimum of five years combined supervisory experience in USAF munitions activities and
  • US Secret Security Clearance (Active)

Physical Requirements

  • Physically capable of performing all required duties; capable of lifting 50 lbs.


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