Munitions Inspection Element Supervisor (Qatar)

**Must have Active Secret Clearance (Interim not Eligible)**

Must be able to pass Pre-Medical Screening and 7 Panel Drug Test

Company Provided: Travel, Apartment (2-person, fully furnished), Vehicle

Completion Bonus Offered


Job Summary

Responsible for the management, supervision and training of personnel assigned to the Element. The Munitions Inspection Element Supervisor is a first-line supervisor of production and, as such, is the technical advisor to the Section Supervisor and Munitions Superintendent.  Operates Theater Integrated Combat Munitions Systems (TICMS) and MC2.  Depending on the explosive operation, may participate as part of the work force, provided safety and technical standards are not compromised.  Ensures compliance with Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Prime Contractor ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS).


  • Observes and enforces all USAF and host nation explosives safety, AFOSH, and security standards during explosives and non-explosives operations of the element and Munitions Dept.
  • Takes necessary control and ensures timely response actions during emergencies.
  • Evaluates production and equipment performance to identify deficient areas and initiate corrective action
  • Evaluates skills, aptitudes and proficiency of assigned personnel to develop work center training requirements and ensure effective relevant training programs are instituted.
  • Analyzes munitions production for compliance in accordance with established quality processes, identifying potential problems and recommending problem solving solutions.
  • Ensures availability and currency of current publications to meet work center needs
  • Supervises assigned Munitions workforce, providing clear instructions and direction about production efforts.
  • Manages the reconditioning/repair program for munitions containers.
  • Enforces timely actions to identify explosive assets failing Storage Monitoring Inspections to ensure the consistent identification and marking with the appropriate DD Form 1500-series tag.
  • Manages munitions storage actions according to the stringent explosives standards, conduct warehouse inventories and corrects any discrepancies.
  • Coordinates with Munitions Accountability Section to resolve any serviceability and accountability issues noted during warehouse and shipping operations.
  • Participates in the planning, management, and preparation of munitions shipments (air, land, sea)
  • Oversees the upload/download of trucks with incoming and outgoing munitions shipments.
  • Enforces compliance of supply discipline IAW with AFI 23-110 and Prime Contractor SOPs for bench/operating stocks.
  • Supervises the management of tool storage, CTKs, and special equipment for compliance actions.
  • Operates assigned Combat Ammunition System as is applicable to the Element’s processes.
  • Maintains shelf life items (lubricants, paint, etc.) to include availability of SDS for assets.
  • Advises Section Supervisor of job status/delays, difficulties with vehicle, equipment, or personnel shortfalls.
  • Ensures visual inspections are performed on lightning protection and static ground systems for storage locations.
  • Ensures all forklift operators complete power industrial training and certification according to standards.
  • Enforces operators’ pre-use and maintenance actions on light vehicles, hoists and handling equipment.
  • Works necessary hours, to include stand-by duties, to support mission requirements.
  • May be appointed as the Section Supervisor during absences of the incumbent.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Must have a minimum seven years of experience with Military Munitions.
  • Must have a minimum five years of combined supervisory experience in USAF munitions activities and MMHE or US service equivalent.
  • Preferred USAF munitions storage, maintenance, control, and inspection procedures experience
  • Preferred TICMS, CAS, MC2, TMRS and IMDS for Munitions and MMHE experience.
  • Must have intermediate knowledge of the USAF Supply, TMO, Munitions, and Tech Order systems or US service equivalent.
  • Preferred intermediate knowledge with TICMS and accountability standards.
  • Preferred intermediate knowledge of MC2 and other information systems. 
  • Preferred skilled qualifications that meets USAF Munitions Inspector certifications.
  • Preferred working knowledge of all munitions functional areas.
  • Must be proficient in the use of personal computers and Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office to include as a minimum Power Point, Excel and Word programs.
  • May be required to operate material handling equipment.
  • US Secret Security Clearance (Active)
  • No record of emotional instability.
  • Must possess a valid home country driver’s license and ability to obtain host nation driver’s license.
  • High School diploma or equivalent required.


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