(Multinational) Logistics Operations Manager (Sumter, SC and Kuwait)

Contract Pending. Job description will be updated soon.

Personnel Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

• Ten years of experience in logistics and supply chain management at a Brigade Level or higher.
• Three years of experience in logistics and supply chain management within the USCENTCOM AOR.
• Possess a strategic level understanding of the GCSS-A system and knowledge of SSF/GCSS-A activities, history, and system functions; data manipulation skills and Standard Query Language (SQL) writing abilities.
• Possess clear understanding and comprehension of current and future financial, logistical and support concepts at the Corps and Theater levels.
• Be skilled in MS Office automation to include SharePoint, and a clear understanding of Knowledge Management (KM) principles.
• Possess a familiarity in retail and wholesale supply systems, functions, and policies at the strategic level.
• Possess senior level (Brigade or Higher) knowledge and understanding of certain systems and how they tie in together for research, for example GFEBS, FCM, LIW, ASEIP, SAAS-MOD, GCSS-A.


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