Fire Alarm Tech (Overseas)

Qualified/certified technicians must be able to install, modify, inspect, test, troubleshoot, repair or replace, validate and maintain fire detection and alarm systems, permanent fixed water based fire protection systems, and/or wet chemical (ANSUL R-102) kitchen fire suppression systems for the facilities. Must be able to ensure their serviceability and operation in accordance with all applicable NFPA Standards, UFC 3-601-02, and manufacturer’s technical directives.

Licenses and Certifications:
• Fire Alarm Systems certification for systems in use at assigned locations
• NICET Certification: Fire Alarm, Water-based Systems, Sprinkler Systems, or Special Hazards
• Fire Suppression Systems Certifications preferred

Additional Information
• Passport with 1+ year of validity (required)
• Government Security Clearance: Varies per location



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