Ammunition Item Manager (Sumter, SC and Kuwait)

Contract Pending. The job description will be updated soon.

Personnel Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

• Proficient in ammunition operations, tactics, techniques, procedures, and practices, including logistics information systems, systems of requisition, inventory, and accountability.
• Have at least 10 years of overall experience with managing logistics, distribution, and accountability of ammunition. Minimum three of the ten years at the ASCC and/or GCC level. Desired requirement: three years of experience within the CENTCOM AOR.
• Have Secret clearance.
• Knowledge of DOD supply chain management and/or distribution management and systems.
• Possess a demonstrated ability to use Microsoft Office Suite tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) to support product development, delivery, and synchronization.
• Have a working knowledge and understanding of Ammunition policies and regulations, but not limited to, AR 735-5; AR 700-28; AR 700-19; AR 710-2; AR 550-52; AR 25-50; AR 15-6; AR 5-13; DA PAM 742-1; DA PAM 385-64; USARCENT SCSA SOP; AMC PAM 700-25; Army Doctrine Handbook, etc.


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